Small Dog Kennels in Willerton Italian Greyhound

Breakfast is then supplied as advised or necessary, since some pups use much more energy in kennels than they do at home. And may require an extra meal as a result of the increased energy expenditure. After that, it’s time to get some exercise and mingle with others! This is when we begin the enjoyable work of arranging playtime for your dog with other dogs. Contact Small dog Kennels in Willerton Italian Greyhound.

Depending on Your Admission Preferences and How Your Pet Has Been Behaving 

We make every effort to place your pet in an appropriate playgroup for the younger pups or a playmate for the bigger canines. If we do not have permission or if your dog is not very social, don’t be concerned; your pet will automatically be exercised on its own.

During the Day, We Go About Our Business 

checking on each dog to make sure he or she is clean. Has enough of fresh water, and that their kennels are properly maintained and cleaned. This provides our employees with lots of opportunities to interact with and move your dog throughout the day.

This Is More Significant Than a 10-minute Stroll With a Leash on the Other Hand

We believe every engagement with your dogs to be just as important as providing a clean kennel and food, and you will never be charged an additional fee for this service… it is our joy and our love to connect with you and your pets! Dinner is provided at 5 p.m., and all of our dogs are tucked into their beds for the night with their favorite goodies and comforters. 

During Your Dog’s Stay, We Want to Make Sure He or She Is Kept Clean 

Dogs are bathed before to departure as part of your booking package, and for those staying for an extended period of time, we usually give free basic washes for dogs around every 7-10 days or sooner if desired. Contact Small dog Kennels in Willerton Italian Greyhound.