Small Dog Kennels in South Perth Jack Russell Terriers

You and your dog deserve the best health possible to be happy and healthy for as long as you can be together. Dogs that are infected or have poor health are prone to becoming unsafe companions, able to infect their owners or carers and other animals. By periodically inspecting dogs, especially before leaving them in small dog kennels in South Perth for Jack Russell Terriers, owners can verify that their health is being checked and that proper care is being provided at the kennels where they will be boarded.

It’s Critical to Get Regular Checkups

Pet owners may keep tabs on their dogs’ health by taking them in for regular checkups. If you look closely at your pet’s hair, nose, body alertness, and even mouth, you may be able to tell how healthy or sick they are.

It’s easy to tell when a pet is sick because of their dull, sticky fur coats, as well as their noses being less wet and how reserved they are in general. Certain illnesses in pets may cause them to get unwell and even die early, but they can also pass on their contagions or infections to other pets and people.

Small Dog Kennels in South Perth Jack Russell Terriers

Make Sure Your Pet is Healthy Before Using the Kennel

In small dog kennels for Jack Russell Terriers in South Perth, the dogs enjoy playing with each other. Such facilities might put most pets in danger of contracting an illness from other ill animals. So, before entrusting your pet to a boarding kennel, be sure your pet is healthy and free of disease.

It is best for sick or infected pets to be removed from the rest of the group and provided with specialized care to help them recover and get their lives back on track.

The boarding kennel’s feeding schedule and dog food

How often will your dog be fed treats and/or kibble? Is this comparable to how your dog is fed at home, or is it restricted to a kennel’s established feeding schedule? You should make sure that there is a regular feeding procedure in place. Ideally, your small dog will be fed at the same time you feed them at home, to keep their pattern. However, if this is not feasible, you should at least see a regular schedule in place. Make sure that the dogs in the kennels are fed properly. If your dog is picky about what he eats or has a sensitive stomach, you may want to bring along some of his regular food.