Small Dog kennels in South Perth for French Bulldogs

You can relax on your vacation knowing that your best friend is playing fetch, barking, and generally having a blast with his new canine friends. This is much more than just a place where dogs can sleep. To be more precise, it’s not unlike a doggy daycare or a hotel room. Contact small dog kennels in South Perth for French bulldogs.

Protected Environments

Ensuring the safety, comfort, and well-being of the boarding guests is our first priority. We have large,purpose-built brick kennels where they can relax after a long day of playing and running. Among our green dog play areas, they have met new canine friends.

Cosy Setting

Guests may relax in peace and quiet in one of our suites. All of the kennels have fully plumbed water dishes that fill themselves. While we try our best to provide individual kennels and runs for each dog, we do our best to accommodate families by keeping dogs from the same household together throughout their stay.

Dog Housing

All of our little guests stay in a safe and separate small dog boarding area, so they don’t have to worry about being among the bigger dogs. Our dog boarding facility offers elevated trampoline beds and 24-hour supervision to all of our customers.

The size of your dog is irrelevant

We have separate exercise yards to ensure the safety of dogs of all sizes, from Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards. Offering individualised, top-notch dog boarding services for your beloved pet. Furthermore, our air-conditioned cat boarding facility offers boarding services to families that have feline companions for their canines.

Nutritional support

A vital part of your pet’s health is providing them with high-quality food. Prime 100 and Black Hawk, two of our top food suppliers, form the basis of the nutritional programme for each visitor. Just as we feed our own dogs, we also feed our guests’ pets. Get in touch with South Perth’s French Bulldog Small Dog Kennels.

Peaceful Setting

Our trained staff never rushes through their encounters with your pet, preserving our caring, peaceful environment. To make sure your pet feels and looks its best, our vets use both high-quality equipment and natural products.

Personal hygiene

The health, happiness, and overall beauty of your cat are not the only things that benefit from regular grooming. There are a lot of nasty things that pets might encounter outside and then bring inside with them, such as parasites and pollutants. Unwanted matting in your dog’s hair is another potential issue.

Groomers may find fleas and other parasites in places you would miss when you take your pet in for frequent appointments. If you want to keep your dog healthy and pain-free, it’s a good idea to clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.

Assist your canine with settling in

You have the option to include this quick rinse and dry service in your package along with your boarding reservation. The day camp and/or boarding supervisors, not the groomers, are responsible for the washing and drying.

Using dog-safe cleaning products, our thorough cleaning technique aids in maintaining a sanitary environment for your pet, reduces the spread of germs, and leaves a nice aroma. Our secure, open-play area is perfect for your dog, and you can relax knowing that they are in the capable hands of our trained professionals.

Your search for a safe haven for your dog in an enjoyable environment is important to us, and we understand that. It has great importance for us as well. Before getting a dog, be sure you’re ready to commit to the lifestyle adjustments, financial commitments, and time commitments that come with dog ownership. Before getting a dog, you should think carefully about this question.


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