Small Dog Kennels in Riverdale Pomeranians

Chicken and rice are prepared fresh every day, but we also have a large selection of other foods to choose from. We also like to hand out snacks for your dog to gnaw on while you are out and about. We urge you to provide your dog’s food if they are on a premium or recommended diet that you would want them to continue on. We will carry on with their diet at no additional cost if you supply the food. Contact Small dog Kennels in Riverdale Pomeranians.

Physical Activity and Playtime

On-site, we have 13 big pavilion runs that provide plenty of space for dogs to chase a ball or engage in tug-of-war games. Those who like to spend their time with a human may enjoy our workout and fun, as can those who enjoy playing with their canine companions. If your dog is able to be socialized, we will make every effort to match your dog with a compatible playmate who has a comparable temperament and activity level to your dog.

Specialized Care Responsibilities

Medication administration, medicated washing, and other special care activities are charged at a minimal additional price, which varies according on the condition. Please let our staff know if your pet has any specific needs that need to be addressed. Beds, bedding, and toys are all provided as well. You are free to bring your own belongings, but please keep in mind that we cannot promise that items will be returned in the same condition in which they were received.

Veterinary Care Responsibilities

There may be occasions when it is necessary to seek veterinarian treatment for issues that arise while the animal is boarding, and these are extra fees. Before taking any action, we will make every effort to notify you or your authorized alternative contact. In the event of an emergency when no one can be reached. We will still act in the best interests of your pet to ensure that they get prompt medical attention. Contact Small dog Kennels in Riverdale Pomeranians.

Sleeping areas at the kennel

What do the sleeping areas look like at the boarding kennel? You should inquire about having a look so that you can determine whether or not your dog will be comfortable using it. Will he be able to stretch out, get up, and turn around without difficulty? Just like people, all dogs are unique, each with their own particular set of requirements and characteristics. You are familiar with your canine companion. Therefore, you must be satisfied that they are spending their time in an environment that is suitable for them while you are away on vacation. Otherwise, you will never be able to unwind!