Small Dog Kennels in Perth Cute Happy Kennels

Small Dog Kennels in Perth Cute Happy Kennels: Have you ever wondered how the pros at Perth’s Cute Happy Kennel for small dogs manage to take so many dogs for daily walks? Yes, every day, kennels walk a large number of dogs. Walking your dog is a terrific way to stay in shape while simultaneously teaching your pet proper manners and allowing them to see the world around them.

If you want to get the most out of your regular walks with your dog, be sure to read these helpful hints. Enjoy!

Change the Tempo of Things

Changing the speed of your dog’s walk might be a terrific way to take in the landscape while you’re out walking your dog. It’s also a good time for your pet to investigate anything they’ve noticed, such as a new scent. Similarly, if you like a more leisurely stroll, why not experiment with increasing the intensity of your walk? 

To teach your dog to be more aware, focused, and near you at all times, gradually increase the speed of your dog’s walk.

Small Dog Kennels in Perth Cute Happy Kennels

There is Always More Exploration Going on

At Perth’s Cute Happy Kennel for small dogs, we know that your dog is interested and a natural-born explorer. If variety is the spice of life, why not take your dog for a walk on a different path next time? Introduce a new corner to your route to achieve this goal in a fun and creative manner.

Include Training Exercises in Your Program

A stroll with your dog is also an excellent time to introduce new training routines to your dog. Not all dog training takes place in the owner’s home. Any breed and any age of dog may benefit from dog training activities while out on a walk. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Who says it’s impossible?