Small Dog Kennels in Fremantle Jack Russell Terriers

You want to provide the best possible care for your pet – after all, your dog is a beloved member of the family. Pets deserve more than just our love and attention, which is why we give your dog with the specialized care that he or she requires to be healthy and happy. Dogs may either be groomed professionally while their owners are away on vacation, or they can come particularly for grooming. Contact Small dog kennels in Fremantle Jack Russell Terriers. 

We Make Your Pets Happy

We take great satisfaction in providing you and your pets with the finest possible level of service and care. Throughout your pet’s stay with us, you can expect to be cared for by a team of compassionate, committed, and professional personnel, and our comprehensive variety of services ensures that all of your pet’s requirements are addressed. 

Play Area for Your Pets

We feel that dogs are happiest when they are given the opportunity to run, play, and relax throughout the day rather than at set hours. The facilities were built around this idea so that all of the dogs may choose whether or not to be in their own safe kennel and play area at any one time, while still having the chance to socialize with other dogs via the perimeter fence.

Professional Grooming Crew

Our in-house, professional grooming crew has a combined total of more than 20 years of experience. And they have significant knowledge of both pet clipping and grooming for the show ring. In order to ensure that younger dogs who have never been professionally trimmed or groomed before are comfortable with the procedure, we typically give them a hydro-bath, mild groom, and blow-dry before they leave.

We Are Here to Support Your Dogs

Due to the fact that many of our Grooming Clients are busy working families. We are delighted for you to drop your dog off with us before work in the morning and have them boarding with us. Ready for you to pick up in the evening. Contact Small dog kennels in Fremantle Jack Russell Terriers.

Our compassionate, tranquil atmosphere is maintained by our skilled crew, who never hurries through their interactions with your pet. Our veterinarians not only employ high-quality equipment, but they also use all-natural products to guarantee that your pet looks and feels its best. 

Pet Care Facility

Because altering a dog’s diet may often result in stomach difficulties, we strongly recommend you to bring your own food. To make up for this, we do provide a premium-quality dog food called Orijen Original for a little extra charge. Our pet care facility is unlike any other in the Midwest; nowhere else will you discover as many options as you will at our facility!

We allow dogs from the same family to board together, as long as they are allowed to dine together without being watched at all times. Bringing personal goods such as toys, beds, and food containers is permitted provided that they are properly labeled with your name.

Day Camp

Day camp is a place where your pet may socialize and play with other dogs under the supervision of our experts. The size and temperament of the playgroups are taken into consideration. A temperament check by our Day camp supervisor is required for each pet before they may be put in a group environment.

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