Small Dog Kennels In Bull Creek Chihuahuas

Small dogs are welcome at our facility, which has distinct amenities for them. This appeals to the little, reserved, shy, and timid, as well as the very young and the elderly. It is conveniently located near the kitchen and grooming area, allowing our employees to offer lots of touch and attention. This region is particularly advantageous since it is somewhat more tranquil than the main kennel area. Contact Small dog kennels In Bull Creek Chihuahuas.


We have our conventional dog kennels available for your bigger or possibly more rowdy canines that like running about in the yard. The kennels themselves are completely bricked on the inside and surrounded by chain-mesh fence on the outside. That way, your dog has enough of space to socialize with their next-door neighbor and spend time outdoors while still being protected from the weather. For families with more than one dog, we now have double kennels available.

The Pavilion Is Up and Running

We used to have open-topped grassed areas for our dogs, but as the demand for our services increased, we discovered that the grass had become unsanitary and much too difficult to maintain, not to mention that it restricted the kind of dogs we could train. Preferring, instead, to enhance our dogs’ exposure to the outside world, we made the decision to upgrade our kennel facilities with the addition of pavilion spaces

Weather Protection

These pavilion runs may be up to 15m in length, are roofed, and are completely enclosed to give maximum protection from the weather and optimum safety for dogs. Over the years, this has shown to be a highly effective strategy. No matter how bad the weather is or how well your dog gets along with other dogs, we can keep them out of their kennels for significantly longer periods of time than ever before! Contact Small dog kennels In Bull Creek Chihuahuas.

Favorite Pet

While your dog is being groomed, we want to ensure that he or she is in a comfortable and secure environment. Our experience has shown that pets are more energetic when their owners are there, thus we urge that you pick up your pet when the procedure is completed. Leaving your favorite pet is never easy, but we guarantee you that our groomers will give outstanding care while they are being groomed by us!

Open Cage Grooming Room

The Open Cage Grooming Room, which comprises of private kennels for each dog with a “open door” policy, will be the location where your pet will be housed after it has been dropped off. In this way, your dog may feel comfortable and secure in their own zone, while still being able to interact with their surroundings. A member of the team is on duty at all times to guarantee that your pet is stress-free and secure. 

We Have a Lot of Fun Grooming Pups! 

It’s never too early to start grooming your pet; in fact, the sooner you start, the better the results! Receiving grooming services for your dog sooner rather than later helps to establish good associations with the service and a lasting link between your puppy and the groomer. Our objective is to make grooming a pleasurable and stress-free experience for both you and your canine!

What do we do in the event of an injury or an emergency?

When dogs are playfully interacting with one another, there is always the potential for injuries to occur. This is true even in the presence of strong safety standards and procedures. Dogs grab, steal, and play with one another, using their jaws and paws in the same manner that humans use our hands. Just as we do with our hands, dogs use their teeth in the same way. Accidents such as cuts, scratches, and even rare puncture wounds are possible. And that’s why we have a robust system in place to take care of accidents and incidents for the maximum safety of your dog.

Small Dog Kennels In Bull Creek Pomeranians

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