Small Dog Kennels in Applecross Pug

Small Dog Kennels in Applecross Pug

Residents who live near small dog kennels for pugs in Applecross seldom complain about the noise. Why? Because the experts at these kennels understand how to keep a dog’s barking to a very bare minimum. To be clear, dogs will bark no matter what you try to teach them to do otherwise.   

Remove the Source of Inspiration for Barking

Consider removing your dog’s reason for barking if they are constantly barking out of the window or when out in the garden. Consider closing the curtains until they stop, and then praising them after they stop. Likewise, if they’re barking in the yard, bring them inside. Praise them and reward them with a suitable goodie after they have gone into the house and have stopped barking.

Distracting them from their source of incentive and rewarding them when they cease barking may be effective methods for teaching your dog that you value their efforts.

Small Dog Kennels in Applecross Pug

Ignore Your Dog Till He Becomes Silent

This is perhaps the strategy often employed in small dog kennels in Applecross for Pugs. Even though this may seem to be ignoring the problem, ignoring behavior you are unhappy with is preferable to being angry or forceful. This is the first step in teaching your dog to understand and trust you. The positive reinforcement will begin to affect their behavior as soon as they stop barking and will continue to have an effect until you no longer have to praise them.

If your dog barks for a long time, this tactic can be tough to deal with. It might be really tough to keep your voice down. If you find yourself at your wits’ end, consider eliminating the dog’s stimulus or forcing them to walk away from the environment that is causing their barking.

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