Small Dog Kennels in Applecross Hairless Chinese Crested

Small Dog Kennels in Applecross Hairless Chinese Crested

After a long day of play and exercise, your dog will be exhausted yet content when it comes time to retire for the night. They sleep in our home-style crates in the same room where they were playing earlier in the day, which helps them feel secure and comfortable while sleeping. Our home-style containers are then used for overnight boarding, which is a nice touch. Contact ls Small dog kennein Applecross Hairless Chinese Crested.

No Matter What Form or Size Your Dog Is

our boarding facilities are properly prepared to accommodate them. Please consider bringing your dog to our facility for daycare before bringing him or her to your home for an overnight or prolonged visit. We suggest that your dog attend at least one day of daycare prior to his or her overnight stay – three days of daycare is best – to help him or her to get acclimated to the facilities and have a more enjoyable time overall.

Your Dog Will Grow Familiar With Our Staff

It will learn that you will be returning to pick them up later in the evening. It will also provide our team with a chance to learn more about your pup’s personality and preferred modes of play. Each pet parent’s food will be provided and made perfectly according to their specifications. No matter what dietary restrictions your dog may have, we’ll be happy to accommodate them and will not charge you more for feeding or medication administration.

We Are Concerned About the Safety and Comfort of Your Dog

We recommend you to bring your pup’s own food in order to keep them on their usual diet and prevent any digestive concerns during their stay. Please remember to pack a bit extra food for your children’s boarding since they expend a lot more calories while playing than they do at home! Do not be concerned if you forget to bring food to your meals. Contact Small dog kennels in Applecross Hairless Chinese Crested.

Care for Your Dogs

No matter whether you need care for your dogs for a weekend, while you are away on vacation, or even for many months while you relocate, we can provide them with the space, attention, and activities they need. We have both indoor and outdoor dog runs that are rather spacious. Cats like the seclusion provided by a separate cat room. We also provide boarding services for birds and exotic pets.

Dog Parks and Play Yards

Other boarding facilities are located in strip retail centers or converted grocery stores. However, we are a Kennel with acres of dog parks and play yards to offer our guests. While you are at work, your dog does not have to be confined to a little cage the whole day. While waiting to be picked up, he or she may be roaming about and playing with other dogs, having a good time.

Our experienced team will brush out, wash, dip, cut nails, clean ears, express anal glands, blow dry, spray with perfume, and wrap your pet in a bright bandana to complete the grooming experience.

A Week of Pampering is in Order

Aromatherapy and music produced expressly to soothe and relax your harried mate can help to relieve stress and tension. Playtimes in the morning and afternoon, Delicious Chummie cookies, and touring the grounds during the day are all part of the package. Our full-service salon will provide your pet with a haircut to round off the day’s activities.

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