Small Dog Kennels Como Long-backed Dachshund

We specifically personalize our care for each dog, from the timid and shy to the energetic and cheeky, to ensure that they have the greatest time possible while they are with us. We must not neglect one of the most vital aspects of your dog’s stay – the pats, hugs, and fun. Your dog will get as much attention as they need since, without it, their stay would not feel like a home away from home. Contact Small dog Kennels Como Long-backed Dachshund. 


In boarding, our sociable pups of all sizes and shapes benefit from the interaction that they have with one another. Our knowledgeable team will match your dog with an appropriate playmate or play group, and they will make certain that your dog loves their play dates! When it comes to the smaller breeds, many dogs may engage at the same time. It is always our goal to meet companions that are of a comparable size and/or energy level when it comes to playing!

Each Dog Gets His or Her Own Daily Chart

which allows us to precisely track their food and hygiene habits. This is frequently checked multiple times a day, allowing us the freedom to adjust your pet’s treatment to his or her specific needs. We provide a large selection of indoor and outdoor apartments, as well as single, family, and communal units. Beds, bedding, toys, climbing frames, and cubby holes are all included in the price of the package.

We Take Care of Your Pets

When it comes to owning and caring for dogs, taking care of a puppy or pups is one of the most delicate aspects of the job. The most essential thing is to make sure that the pups are not in any danger. However, even though it is simple to remove the potentially hazardous substances. Contact Small dog Kennels Como Long-backed Dachshund.

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