Shih Tzu Price Range – How Much Do Shih Tzu Puppies Cost


The delightful Shih Tzu inherited its name ‘Lion Dog’ from its beautiful muzzle and fluffy coat from its ancestors. One thing is clear, the adorable Shih Tzu, with their sweet faces and fluffy coat, has stolen the hearts of people across the globe as the best of compassionate companions. The result of that is that this breed that dominates the world comes from Tibet. It was originally seen in Tibet many years ago but today it has developed into a popular breed, not only in Tibet but all over the world. Despite all characteristics, the smallness of the Shih Tzu, intelligence, and sociality make them a great choice for a family pet. Shih Tzu Price Range – How Much Do Shih Tzu Puppies Cost Among the myriad of dog breeds available, Shih Tzu puppies have gained immense popularity for their affectionate nature and charming appearance. This article explores the world of Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Bangalore, guiding you through the process of finding your perfect canine companion at the best prices, ensuring a delightful addition to your family.

When you are planning to add one to the family among the Shih Tzu price the transaction is an aspect you just must be mindful of. Generally, the average amount of money paid for a Shih Tzu puppy sale in the US may vary from $600 to 1500. On the other hand, several factors might be the determinant of the final price.

Shih Tzu’s price is affected by several factors, which include health concerns, breeder reputation, pedigree, and location.

Breeder’s Reputation and Location

On the most basic level, it is the breeder who has the biggest influence on Shih Tzu puppy value. Trustworthy breeders that have both the skills and stick to breeding norms have high prices. Pups will be physically healthy, sociable, and behave great around people because of their mothers. Shih Tzu Price Range – How Much Do Shih Tzu Puppies Cost At the top rank, which is the highest price here, the average charge is above 2000 dollars but can be as high as 3500 dollars per puppy. Location too may be a factor. Unlike in rural environments, prices are just comparable in these cities.

Bloodline and Pedigree

Shih Tzu Price Range – How Much Do Shih Tzu Puppies Cost

Given the fact that a canine with an exemplary pedigree from the top dogs in the family – the champion parents and grandparents- can drive the costs of the Shih Tzu puppy high. Accept prices for rare breeds to grow higher too. Such certificates will serve as symbols of high quality and wealth.

Conformation to Breed Standards

The cutest Shih Tzus have premium prices if they meet all the criteria of good condition and personality which breed standards dictate. As for the expense, the imperfections might be offered.

Age of Puppy

Pedigrees of the younger shitzu stones around 2-3 months old from the responsible litter boxes are more costly than those puppies bought at older or the stores at the pet. And on the other hand, really young pups 6-8 weeks old also have the lowest price rates.

Quality and Color Coat

There is a huge difference in price among puppies as per the coat type, long and silky. The puppies with rare or unique colors like red, blue, and liver will cost much more than the puppies with black/white which are the common colors. A decent finely-made coat could be an expensive garment.


The pricier male Shih Tzus are generally expected to be male likely due to the belief they may be greater show dogs or studs. However, it is a matter of a particular breeder because of it.

Availability in Area

Prices of Shih Tzu may rise in locations where these breeds are rarely found or absent. Price is affected by the changes in supply and demand.

So, Where to buy Shih Tzu Puppy, will I be able to do that easily?

Responsible Breeder

You can find the best place to buy a purebred Shih Tzu from a polite and knowledgeable breeder. Trying to look for a puppy in pet stores and puppy mills is not a good thing. Sound breeders ensure health by screening and giving parents to meet live at the home and putting a spay/neuter contract on the adoption contract.

Shih Tzu

Local Shelters and Rescues

Go to these animal shelters in your local area or see the contacts of rescue organizations to get Shih Tzu pets. The cost in between ($100- $300) typically includes the medical care. It is in your best to offer an abandoned dog once you do get a home of love.


One of the leading platforms through which breeders advertise their puppies is AKC Marketplace. Research health testing and visit a respectable breeder if you are looking to purchase a pup online. Shipping costs may apply.

Pet Stores

Convenience is the appealing side to the pet stores but unfortunately, they are among the most common channels to purchase from puppy mills and they often are not medically screened, which leads to health issues later on. If you get your pet from a reputable store, chances are they are in cahoots with the shelters/rescues.

Tail-waggers demand commitment and the first step is to think of getting them.

– Reviewing medical documents, meeting with the owners of the breeder, and being allowed into the breeder’s establishment.

– See AKC registration papers among the other documents.

– Go DNA tests to check for genetic illnesses carrier status.

– Stay vigilant with the possible source of a puppy mill instead.

– The best way of finding a good breeder is by studying the references and reviews of other pet lovers.

– Eight weeks old, provides a strong foundation for responsible and attentive care.

– Choose a new companion dog who is healthy and shares good qualities with your old one’s personality, not its color.

The Shih Tzu, with its adorable look and extremely loving characteristics, is a real marvel as a family pet breed. Though so many factors determine Shih Tzu price, you would be aiming to get a pet from a responsible source that is in good health and physically fit. As my grandma has been seeing this same doctor for decades, covering most of my life, it illustrates that the patient-doctor bond runs deep.

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Now as to the factors that do not affect cost, investment in advertising is one of the most important marketing strategies that should be done to find consumers who are likely to desire the product or service.

Though characteristics such as lineage from a good breeder, age, and even physical appearance can be factors for price differentiation, however some myths around price increments exist.

Gender – Although male puppies are often more expensive, well-bred females and males are most of the time quite priced the same from the good kennel.

Coat Color – That is to say, individual differences in color preferences are very natural. Solid or fancy suits don’t have to be proof of the superior welfare and prices like the pups with different colors may have.

Adult vs Puppy – The purchase price of the adult Shih Tzu will not be considerably less than the cost of the puppy. The good ones that bear a price tag and not the super cheap ones will be your reliable source.

Kennel Club Registration – Kennel club registration doesn’t become a refreshing factor because it can’t influence prices and can’t guarantee higher quality. Focus on health tests.

Seasonal Trend – Shih Tzu prices may fluctuate a little bit due to seasonal factors however, they shouldn’t suddenly do so because of the period of the year it is.

Litter Size– Standard-sized litters didn’t so much change the individual paid pups. However, this possibility will have an impact on the price of puppies.

It is good to know why some factors may result in higher Shih Tzu costs whereas others are marginal and have little bearing on the cost. If you looking for the best dog, the one that suits you the most could be selected even if it’s not the most expensive one in the market. Instead of basing your attractiveness on a shallow personality, aim at a wellness factor which shapes your character.

With the fiscal constraints on Pocketbook.

Shih Tzus from the elite breeders are the most expensive among all. Here are tips to reduce the budget: Here are tips to reduce the budget:

– Find out from the local shelter and dog ownership assistance groups about adopting the Shih Tzu breed dogs. This will lead to a construction cost reduction of between $50-$350.

– Think about taking a show teen Shih Tzu that has already gone past puppy period rather than going into a whole new pet.

– Be sure to set up a cost-effective supply and veterinary budget, lime grooming, and food costs which usually continue for the Shih Tzu’s long life span.

– Work closely with Lower Mississippi Valley Shih Tzu rescues that frequently transport dogs from overloaded Southern shelters.

– Enlarge your search range by contacting good breeders beyond the geographic areas of your location where good breeders are available.

– Check with the vet references and get in written health guarantee from the breeder before finalizing it. This provides future savings.


All the same, a companionable nature, always brightens up the mood, so an additional expenditure on the Shih Tzu with a healthy happy appearance is profitable. Nevertheless, other strategies can be used to reduce the initial sticker price like, shelters, adults, growing the area where you can search, rescuers, as well as other options.

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