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Are You Planning a Vacation? Our pleasant and attentive staff will go above and beyond to ensure that your pooch feels at home while staying with us at our pet hotel in the city. Whether you need to board your dog for an overnight stay, a weekend, a vacation, or longer-term care, your dog will spend their days engaging in supervised open play with their Best Furry Friends Forever and their evenings sleeping soundly in their own bed with you.

Concerning your dog’s feelings

Where does your dog stand on the activity scale? Can they spend hours playing fetch, or would they rather sit on your lap? Are social connections necessary for them, or do they rather prefer to spend time alone?

The length of time your dog may be home alone is also affected by how much exercise and attention it needs on a regular basis. Perhaps they like having so much time to themselves to nap on your bed while you’re out at work. Or maybe they need two-mile daily walks and food-safe toys.

Dog Boarding

When your dog comes to be with us, he or she will get to spend the day playing with our daycare dogs, which will help to burn off any extra energy. Depending on their size, play style, and temperament, our visitors’ dogs are split into supervised playrooms, assuring their comfort and safety while at the facility. They’ll get to enjoy 8-10 hours of open play, which will include cognitive activities that are aimed to develop etiquette and behavioral skills.

Why Not Give Your Dog a Treat?

There will also be plenty of time for naps and breaks if they feel the need for them. In the event that your dog is eating lunch, s/he will be fed before the start of naptime. And will have plenty of time to digest their meal before they are free to play once again. This is also the moment when we provide any drugs, if any, that may be necessary.

Dog Care

Similarly, to toddlers in a daycare, dogs adapt quickly to the naptime schedule since it occurs at the same time every day and because all of their buddies are also taking advantage of the, sometimes much-needed, quiet time! Each playroom is completely cleaned by the staff during naptime to ensure that the area is safe and tidy before another fun round of afternoon play! Contact Small dog Kennels in Perth Round-headed Japanese Chin.

Highly Educated and Dedicated Employees

Our highly educated and dedicated employees are the finest in the field, offering excellent customer service while also possessing unrivaled understanding of animals. We provide your pet with the comfort and security you need, as well as the activities of a fun-filled and lovingly dedicated experience that they will love and benefit from as well. 

Your Dogs Will Be Kept Healthy and Protected

Whatever we try to keep our dogs healthy and protected, we will never be able to prevent them from coming into contact with ticks and fleas while they are out in the yard. Unfortunately, these parasites may have a negative impact on your dog’s health and should be avoided. If we are persistent in guarding our pets from these annoying parasites, there are significant rewards to be gained.

Safety of Your Dog First

The number of options available to us has increased enormously over the years, but while using a flea and tick preventive, you must always put the safety of your dog first. It is advisable to consult with your veterinarian to determine the optimum treatment program for your pet based on his or her age, health, and breed, as well as the climate in where you reside or vacation.

How much individual care will my pet get?

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, and the staff at our kennel will do all in their power to shower your dog with love and care. When a dog stays overnight at Boarding Kennels Perth, they get to play outside and inside in the doggie daycare. Guests who stay in boarding houses and don’t want to do things with other people can use the private play area.

Our understanding is that small dogs need constant care and attention compared to other pets like cats. Those who do will get the opportunity to engage in one-on-one play with a member of the kennel staff and will receive additional attention.

Dogs are not sold with any training already installed. Regular training is necessary for all dogs, even the most laid-back ones. Training your children using techniques that emphasize the use of positive reinforcement can help you develop a closer relationship with your dog and get them off to a good start. 

Training is a process that continues throughout a dog and owner’s life together. Although it is not necessary to teach a dog to compete, all canines should have at least some degree of basic training. Potty training and basic manners are the very minima that a dog should know, and consistent training may help lessen the amount of friction and stress associated with caring for a dog.

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