Cat and dog kennels Cattery Perth


Dog Kennels

Dogs are separated into groups based on their age, temperament, and size. Small dogs are kept apart from bigger dogs, and less sociable canines are always kept in their own specific grassy isolation runs for their own safety and comfort. Check out the Perth’s guide to dog kennels and catteries.

We Like Caring for Older Dogs

Having a separate space designated for elders assures that they will not be bothered by the youthful exuberance of the younger generation while yet feeling a part of the larger group. Paddle pools and sand pits are available for extra stimulation. If your dog has been boarding for more than a few days, it will most likely be cleaned free of charge before returning home.


The dogs are transferred to separate kennels with elevated beds at night, during inclement weather, and while they are being fed in a group setting. These are disinfected on a regular basis and are safe and secure. Every night, a member of staff comes to check on the dogs, twice a night. Small dogs may take refuge in an enclosed space with igloos and elevated beds for their comfort. Dogs that are fearful or nervous will be given more comfort, assistance, and monitoring.

Do They Ever Get Into a Fight?

Because the dogs are continuously supervised, the team is able to defuse any difficulties as soon as they arise. There is always a danger, but the risk is the same whether you take them to the beach or to the park.

Is the Collar Still in Place?

No, safety comes first. Your dog’s collar will be removed before he is allowed to wander and play freely with the other dogs. It will be returned to you when you pick it up.

Dogs That Need Medical Attention or Who Require Special Diets

Dogs with a variety of unique needs, including medical and behavioral requirements, may be cared for by the knowledgeable and kind team. Medicines, lotions, potions, and specific diets may all be accommodated, as can customized accommodations. 

Dogs with diabetes, epilepsy, picky eaters, and post- or pre-surgery requirements may be cared for by the facility’s trained staff. Ear and eye treatments are examples of routine applications that might be made for continuing problems.

Hyrdo Bath is Provided 

If you are boarding your dog for more than a few days, most dogs will be cleaned for free on the day you pick them up and before they are returned to you.

Clipping and Grooming 

On request, a grooming service may be provided for you. Please speak with a member of the team about the expenses.

Committed Staff of Dog Lovers

Your dog will have a great time playing, running, and socializing with a lot of newfound friends on this exciting day. Meanwhile, you can relax knowing that your canine friend is in the capable hands of our committed staff of dog lovers with years of expertise and enthusiasm for their work.

Perth’s Guide to Dog Kennels and Catteries


While your cats enjoy comfortable air-conditioned and heated accommodations, high-quality meals, plenty of human affection and attention, and 24-7 in-house entertainment provided by all of the birds, lizards, bandicoots, and other animals, including Archie and Chopper the resident sheep, you can take comfort in knowing that your loved one is being cared for as if they were one of our own in a safe and secure environment.

Accommodations and facilities

We provide separate single rooms as well as bigger double suites for families of two or more people, all of which have direct access to their own private outdoor area. All of the buildings are equipped with air conditioning and heating. We encourage you to bring your cat’s own bed, blanket, scratching pole, or favorite toy to the facility to assist them in settling in.

Diet and Nutrition

Whiskas wet food and Friskies Go Cat Biscuits are the foods we feed our cats. You are allowed to supply your own food for your cat at no additional cost. There are a few standards that must be met in order to assure the health and safety of all of our vacationing cats:


All cats must be up to date with F3 or above to be allowed in the building. Please ensure that your cats’ vaccines are up to date before bringing them in, as a copy of each cat’s current vaccination certificate will be needed.

Worming / Fleas & Ticks

We urge that you make certain that each cat’s flea and worm medication is up to date as well.


We would appreciate it if you could discuss any specific requirements or medicine that has to be taken with us at the time of booking so that we can prepare for your arrival. Please ensure that you bring all of your medicines with you so that we can give them according to your directions.

While we like cats, we are equally concerned about the well-being of people. We recognize how important it is to maintain contact with your cat(s) while they are away on vacation, and we encourage your phone calls to provide information on how they are settling in and their daily routine.

What Happens if My Cat Falls Ill While It Is in Your Care?

We make use of a mobile veterinarian who is more than willing to come to us on short notice if the need arises. Depending on your cat’s medical history, he may need to consult with your cat’s own veterinarian. Aside from that, there are three veterinary clinics in the immediate vicinity that may be used if necessary.

Perth’s Guide to Dog Kennels and Catteries

Danzalin Boarding Kennels & Cattery

We provide the absolute best in everything! Our purpose-built, air-conditioned kennels are dry, safe, and secure places for your dog to sleep, and each one is equipped with trampoline beds for additional comfort. The City of Canning recently conducted an inspection of our 36 kennels, each of which has its own shaded grassed area in which to exercise and play with its owners. 

At Danzalin, we recognize the necessity of exercising for dogs in order to keep them healthy, happy, and calm while also reducing stress in their lives. For everyday exercise, there are 36 grass runs. Each dog will have its own run, and no dogs will be allowed to share. Weather permitting, the recommended amount of exercise time is around 1.5 hours twice day. 

Address: 1 Crufts Way, Canning Vale WA 6155, Australia

Phone: +61 405 718 440


Boarding Kennel Perth

Boarding Kennel Perth is located around 20 kilometers south of the city of Perth and is in the skilled and loving care of Marshall and Wendy. We are committed to providing care for your pets while you are away – as pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of putting your faith in and feeling comfortable with the people who will be caring for your animals while you are away. 

With us, you can be certain that your pet will get high-quality care and customized attention. We provide the absolute best in everything! In our purpose-built, recently renovated, air-conditioned kennels, which are 12 years old and include trampoline beds for extra comfort, you will be able to sleep dry, safe, and secure at night.

Address: 1 Crufts Way, Canning vale, WA 6155

Phone: +61 4 9710 0731


Perth Pet Club

There is a large exercise space, pond area, and an air-conditioning room available for your pet at the Perth Pet Club. We have a cattery with a room with air conditioning. We feed your pet W times a day, and he or her has access to the exercise area and their room at all hours of the day. Invite your friends and family to visit us, or experience our childcare for free on your first visit. 

Address: 18 Hybrid Ct, Treeby WA 6164, Australia

Areas served: Fremantle and nearby areas

Phone: +61 403 287 689


Hi – Five Boarding Kennels

The care and comfort of your pet are of the utmost concern to us at Hi Five Boarding Kennels Perth. In addition to some of the largest kennels in Western Australia, our luxury facility offers state-of-the-art cooling systems as well as an automatic self-watering system that provides fresh water to all kennels around the clock. Check out the Perth’s guide to dog kennels and catteries.

Address: 43 Matison St, Southern River WA 6110, Australia

Phone: +61 413 388 689


Julies Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Julies Boarding Kennels and Cattery was formed in 1988 and is conveniently situated in Malaga, in Perth’s northern suburbs, approximately 15 minutes from Perth Airport. This is a family-owned and operated business. Pet boarding is our specialty. We cater to the needs of both dogs and cats, taking care of their particular foods, medications and exercise demands as well as other requirements.

Address: 12 Midas Rd, Malaga WA 6090, Australia

Phone: +61 8 6310 4500


Perth’s Guide to Dog Kennels and Catteries

The Dog Hotel Boarding Kennels

Go away with the knowledge that your closest buddy is having as much fun as you are – running, barking, and having a good time with his new canine companions. This is more than simply a kennel for dogs to stay at. In fact, it’s more like a second home for your dog than a hotel room.

Address: 200 Cormorant Ct, Southern River WA 6110, Australia

Areas served: Perth

Phone: +61 407 080 951


The Paw House

We provide: extra-large kennels to give your dog/s the space and freedom to stretch out, well-maintained grassed exercise areas to play in, plenty of toys, special diets catered for, socialization, trampoline beds, special geriatric facilities, hydropath facilities, and a pick-up and delivery service available throughout the Perth metropolitan area, for all breeds and sizes of dogs. We accept dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Address: 12 CANDELORO Rd, Canning Vale WA 6155, Australia

Areas served: Shire of Mundaring and nearby areas

Phone: +61 8 9455 1815


Canine Country Club

We are a family of animal enthusiasts that provide a highly individualized stay for your dogs while you are away. We are large enough to be competent in all we do while yet being small enough to care about each and every creature entrusted to our care.

Address: 290 Neaves Rd, Mariginiup WA 6065, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9306 1999


Pampered Pooch

The Pampered Pooch Motel takes pride in catering to the particular requirements of each dog while also providing a safe, enjoyable, secure, and stimulating environment for them to stay in while traveling. The Pampered Pooch Motel is distinguished by its seven huge grassy paddocks surrounded by protective fence, where dogs are free to wander, play, and explore. 

Address: 660 Warton Rd, Banjup WA 6164, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9397 0418


A Cat’s Holiday Home – Perth Cattery

They were quite flexible, even though I was unable to specify a certain pick-up date, and they were just all-over nice folks. You can see that they are passionate about what they do! Each cage had its own outdoor space, and there was no stench at all as you walked through the door. You are welcome to come as frequently as you like, and my kitties were really content while they were there.

Address: 42 Bruce Rd, Maida Vale WA 6057, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9454 6858


Aristocrat Boarding Cattery

Your cats may choose whether they want to live together or apart by being housed individually or in adjacent, linked units, providing them greater room and allowing them to choose whether they want to live together or away. Your cat will not meet any other cats in the outdoor run; only cats from the same family are allowed to roam around together in the yard. 

There is a play tunnel and a lawn chair in the grassy outdoor areas, which are shaded by shade cloth and where your cat may daydream while taking in the peacefulness of the surrounding countryside. Check out the Perth’s guide to dog kennels and catteries.

Address: 102 Tuart Rd, Oakford WA 6121, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9419 1166


Being a dog owner is one thing, but being a responsible dog owner is something else other. A person is considered to be a responsible dog owner if they anticipate and prepare for the requirements of their dogs, and then do all in their power to make sure those need is satisfied. It does not need having luxury stuff for your dog, but it does demand being able to provide all that your dog requires. 

Having luxury items for your dog is not required. Dogs are completely reliant on their owners for everything, including food, information on when they may relieve themselves and go to the toilet, and information on how much mental and physical stimulation and exercise they should get.

Happy Cats Cattery

Cat owners may rest easy knowing that their feline friends will be well cared for at Happy Cats Cattery. If you leave your cat here, you can be certain that it will be given the same loving care and attention as if it were a part of our own family. They provide a safe, comfortable, and stress-free environment for your cat. Therefore, you travel for business or pleasure, relocate, or remodel your house.

In Perth, there are large, comfortable cat boarding rooms that are open for inspection by any interested pet owners. As soon as you can bring your pet in, they’d love to meet you.