Perth Small Dog Kennels

In searching for Perth small dog kennels, what things should you keep in mind? Keep reading if you’re trying to find a kennel in Perth for a small dog.

Finding a dog boarding facility where you and your dog will feel at ease is critical when you need to board your pet. Leaving your dog with someone else has never been easier, thanks to the abundance of options available today.

Perth Small Dog Kennels Checklist

First, make arrangements for a visit with your dog’s kennel well before your trip.

Do due diligence

Do your homework before choosing Perth small dog kennels and make sure they are accredited or part of a professional organization. Find out how long the person has been dog sitting and how many repeat clients they’ve had if you’re interviewing an individual. Additionally, check a few references.

Find out about immunization requirements

Many Perth small dog kennels require the shots of Bordetella, rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. 

Keep an eye out for clean, sanitary conditions

Exercise and sleeping areas with non-slip surfaces should be adequately spaced and securely gated. Are you welcome to inspect every aspect of the Perth small dog kennel? Are they secure and chemical-free?

Meet the people who will be caring for your pet and pay attention to how they treat him

How many dogs will they be able to look after at a time? How much exercise do the dogs get per day, and how often are they let out to relieve themselves? What kind of education and training in animal care does the staff have? Do some research on what happens if your dog requires veterinarian care or medical attention due to an emergency. Find out whether the person taking care of your pet has been certified in pet first aid.

Cold weather safety 

Everyone and their dogs want to get out of the house during the winter months. However, even though it’s nice to be outside, your pet may be exposed to possible threats if they venture outside in frigid conditions. Your dogs, like humans, depend on the calories in their diet for energy. Your pet’s physical activity helps keep them warm, and calories provide the energy they need to do so. Depending on its size and coat type, every pet has a unique calorie need. Because of this, make sure the kennel you choose pays attention to these important safety concerns.

Evaluate the staffing situation

What kind of person are you going to have on-site 24 hours a day? In the event of an emergency, is there an evacuation strategy in place? Keep an eye out for how the dogs are being handled. How is much contact with other dogs allowed? How well-supervised is this?

Other Considerations When Choosing Perth Small Dog Kennels

When choosing a boarding facility, it’s important to consider both quality and affordability. See whether the daily/nightly fees include walks, personalized attention, medicine administration, and bathing. Do you pay when you pick up your dog, and if so, what forms of payment do they accept?

If you’re running late for checkout, how much will you be charged? What’s the policy on refunds? Some Perth small dog kennels impose a fee for late cancellations, which is acceptable if they’ve already turned away other customers.