Perth Pet Boarding and Kennels

Why choose Perth Pet Boarding and Kennels for pet boarding? There are many reasons why you should bring your dogs and pets here.

In addition, transporting a pet may be rather expensive. Some people don’t feel comfortable leaving their pets with a sitter. Therefore, they end up leaving them with neighbours who may not know the difference between dog and cat food.

Pet Hotels

Some kennels serve as doggy daycares, providing exciting activities for your dog to participate in during the day. Others serve as luxurious “pet hotels,” providing a nice bed and other amenities to replicate a more familiar setting. To prevent harm or disease transmission, supervision during dog playtime is always recommended.

Below are the benefits of choosing a dog boarding kennel in Perth.

The Benefits of Using Perth Pet Boarding and Kennels

1. No Guilt

When you choose Perth dog kennels pet boarding, you can ensure that your dog is in good care. And this may also assist in ensuring that you don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet.

2. An Open Playing Ground

This kind of setting promotes dog socialization and provides them with exercise. In addition, we carefully inspect your dog to determine whether it’s safe to set it free in an open playing area. We also determine the right size of the room it needs based on its temperament and size.

3. Developing Confidence at Perth Dog Kennels Pet Boarding

We will make certain that your dog is calm since there may be a shift in their behavior in a new setting. Once we’ve engaged with the new dogs at the kennel, this will happen and become used to their presence.

4. Dog Socialization

Your dog will be socializing with other dogs, which will make seeing other dogs more comfortable. As a result, they will acquire the habit of understanding their surroundings when they meet new people and dogs in town. And this is one of the most significant benefits of choosing Perth dog kennels for pet boarding.

5. Evaluation of Their Performance

We will provide you with reports on your dog’s performance, both mentally and physically. And this is done so that the dog caregivers can learn everything they can about your dog while being cared for.

6. Trustworthy Staff at Perth Pet Boarding and Kennels

We provide you with complete security for your dog while under the supervision of their expert dog career. We can also supply you with a behavioral expert, biologist, and veterinarian who will work in the background to guarantee your dog’s complete safety and health while in our care.

The majority of our customers came to us after hearing about us from a friend or neighbor who had previously worked with us. That is the finest praise that we could get. The following is a selection of e-mails and notes sent to us by some of our most committed customers.

We provide grooming services for dogs while they are staying with us so that each and every one of our visitors may come home fresh and ready for some cuddles from their owners. Our dog parks are intended to provide our guests’ dogs with hours of outdoor enjoyment and exercise, as well as a large number of new canine companions to play with throughout the day.