Perth Dog Kennels and Pet Boarding

It’s a fact that many dog owners find that boarding their dogs in Perth dog kennels and pet boarding facilities is very helpful. What happens if you decide to leave your dog with us while you go on a vacation?

Especially for first-timers, many dogs find the boarding process to be very tiring. And this means that your pet may take a few days to recover from the holiday’s excitement, just like you.

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Tips to Help Your Dog Settle After Boarding 

Perth dog kennels and pet boarding specialists provide the following advice to assist your pet in recovering its lost vigour. Therefore, it won’t take long for your dog to regain their original enthusiasm:

1. Arrange the sleeping place

Your dogs will appreciate you if you prepare their sleeping spot ahead of time. This way, when your pet gets tired of being excited about coming home, they may go directly to their bed and take a nap if they want to.

2. Plenty of rest

Allow your pet to relax for a day or two following a visit to Perth dog kennels and pet boarding before returning them to their regular home routine. You may even realize that the break helps you recover from your vacation.

3. More time in Home

If you’re trying to reintroduce your furry companion to the house, keep them inside for a few days until they’ve settled back in. Allow them to return to your yard once they’ve gotten used to being outside.

Do not forget to provide a litter tray for your feline friends to relieve themselves when they are inside.

Many dogs are delighted when they get home and may want to take a lot of water or food. This is very typical behavior. You can be certain that your dog will get only the best care while staying with us at our Perth dog kennels and pet boarding. Nonetheless, after spending some time in a new environment with new people, it’s normal to feel worn out.