Perth Clairmont Small Dog Kennel

In order to provide a safe, amusing, secure, and exciting environment for the dogs, the educated crew takes delight in reacting to their individual needs. The size, temperament, and age of a dog determine which category it belongs to. In order to ensure the safety of all dogs, it is customary to keep smaller dogs apart from larger ones and to provide special runs for less social canines. Contact Perth Clairmont Small Dog Kennel.

Specific Areas Allotted to Dogs

We also like taking care of senior pets. Even though they’ll still feel like they belong, older dogs will appreciate having their own area to run about in, away from the energy of the younger dogs. Nighttime, bad weather, and feeding time in a communal environment all necessitate relocating the dogs to their own raised kennels. The disinfection process ensures that they are safe and secure.

Canines of Small Size

Little dogs spend the day in large outdoor areas completely isolated from medium- to large-sized dogs, and at night they sleep snugly in a warm, fenced-in place. Being next to the main home’s family area, it is feasible to monitor the dogs at all times.


We can accommodate a wide variety of medications, topical treatments, and dietary restrictions, as well as special requests for adjustments. Canines requiring special attention before or after surgery, as well as those with diabetes or epilepsy, may get treatment from the facility’s qualified personnel. Examples of commonplace uses for long-term issues are ocular and ear therapies.

We take good care of your pets

There is always at least one person on duty, and they also closely monitor the dogs. On top of that, surveillance cameras are constantly monitoring the area. They undergo a second round of inspection as we sleep. Every day of the year, without fail. On a weekly basis, we also have a veterinarian who comes to examine and check on our long-term boarders. Perth Clairmont Small Dog Kennel is the place to call.