Perth Boarding Kennels – What to Look For?

Do you realize that your pet can be easily stressed by car or airplane travel?  Pet boarding kennels provide the ultimate solution to avoid undue stress on your pet caused by car or airplane journeys.  Yet, finding a safe and comfortable boarding option for your dog takes careful research.  What to look for in Perth boarding kennels is a major concern for Perth pet owners planning a vacation.   


Dog Kennels & Pet Boarding Facilities in Perth
These brief stays can provide owners with the comfort of knowing that their furry family members are content and having fun. Additionally, these brief visits allow you the chance to try out different boarding kennels before making a lengthier reservation if you believe your dog isn’t doing as well as you’d like at the kennel.

Perth Boarding Kennels – What to Look For

1. Background Research

  • Ensure that the kennel under consideration meets mandatory standards of professionalism, safety, quality and care.
  • Check whether any complaints have been lodged against the kennel under consideration.
  • Ask a friend, neighbor, veterinarian, animal shelter or dog trainer for a recommendation of the Perth boarding kennels you are considering.

2. Safety

  • Safety is key, so look for secure, clean, chemical-free, and temperature-controlled spaces.

3. Dates

  • Confirm that they can accommodate your pet for specific dates.

4. Special Needs

  • Check whether they can address your pet’s special needs such as grooming, training, bathing and veterinary services.

5. Knowledge, friendliness and caring nature of staff

  • Visit the kennel or pet sitter with your dog first to see how the staff interact with your pet.
  • Observe whether they seem knowledgeable, friendly and caring towards your pet.

6. Accommodation

  • Ensure that the Perth boarding kennels you are considering have the
  • Clean, adequate living and exercising space
  • Adequate ventilation, light and right temperature
  • Protection from wind, rain and snow
  • Off-the-floor bedding

7. Food

  • Check the following;
  • How often the pets are fed?
  • Can a pet owner bring the pet’s special food?

Preparing Your Pet for Perth Boarding Kennels

It is quite a task to prepare your pet to be a good candidate for the boarding kennel.  Primary matters to attend to in preparing your pet are as follows;

  • See that your pet has no aggression problem or unruliness
  • Ensure that he is up to date on vaccinations
  • Train him on basic commands 
  • Make sure that his first stay at the boarding kennel is a short one
  • Train him to be sociable around other pets and people

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