How Dogs Are Trained to Become Service Dogs


If we talk about the best support system then the first thing that comes to our mind is a well-trained service dog. Nothing can be better than having a well-trained dog in a family to protect you and your loved ones. It is necessary to have a service dog for people who need physical and mental support. A well-trained dog is not just an animal; they become your friend, your companion, and your support. In this article, we will look deep into the world of service dogs and you will learn how they are trained and what impact they put on the lives they come in contact with. Renowned for their unmatched loyalty, intelligence, and versatility, German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. In Delhi, you can find reputable breeders offering German Shepherd puppies for sale in Dehli at competitive prices.

What are service dogs?

Service dogs are trained to provide support to people with disability and to perform specific tasks. These dogs are not just limited to one type of assistance but they are classified according to their roles. It is important to give them proper training if you want them to be well trained. Here are a few steps you can follow to train your pet dog to become a service dog.


In this process, the trainers observe the dogs and analyze whether they are fit to be service dog or not. To match the eligibility criteria the dogs must be physically fit and they should be free from any kind of medical condition. This is important to ensure that they can serve their owners or not.


The health and age of the dog must be taken into consideration every time while assessing them. The dogs should be fit and fine so that they can provide full service when they are on duty. Healthy dogs can be trained easily and it will be easy to deal with them.


The personalities of all the dogs are different from each other and not every dog can fit for being the assistant dog. Some dogs may be lethargic and some dogs may be very aggressive. A service dog should have the right temperament. Training an aggressive dog can be very hard and similar to this training a lethargic is equally difficult.

Service training

If you want to make your dog capable, then the most important thing to do is choose the right trainer. They should know the behavior of the dog so that they can train them accordingly. Here’s a list of phrases from which a service trainer has to undergo.

heeling: to train a service dog the first important thing is to make them walk in a particular position in a cue. Some dog owners suffer from mobility, they cannot walk freely and they need someone to guide them. This is the reason why it is important to train the dogs to adjust accordingly.

Proofing: dogs need to be on alert while they are on duty. The dogs are trained accordingly by the trainers. Some dogs are trained to be attentive and alert when they are wearing duty clothing. The security dogs are always alert while wearing the costume and playful when they are not wearing it. The trainers teach their dogs to be on command whenever they wear the costume.

Tasking: a service dog must know specific dogs so that they can be helpful to disabled people. They should be trained to switch the lights, open and close the door, and alert the family. Tasking can be one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to training the dog because here the dog has to meet the needs of a person with disability.


After the training, the dog has to undergo several tests to become a certified service dog. This test includes etiquette and public access tests.

Public access test: in this test, the behavior of the dog is analyzed in a public place. They are observed by the trainers on how they respond in an area full of people when they are on duty. To pass this test the dog must stay calm and they must not get distracted from toys and food.

Etiquette test: to pass this test the dog must obey the commands of someone other than the trainer. It will help you to know whether the dog is helpful to disabled people or not. If a dog passes this test then it means they are well trained to assist a differently-abled person.


In a nutshell, a service dog is more than just a pet. A well-trained dog is helpful in many ways whether we talk about physical or mental support. It is necessary to train them accordingly. These dogs just need to be trained well and pass the test to fit the eligibility criteria of a service dog. Several aspects of service training need to be up to par if you want to train your dog.