Fremantle Small Dog Kennels for Jack Russell Terriers

You want to provide your dog with the most care possible since he or she is a cherished family member. We believe that pets should get specialised care in addition to our unconditional love and attention so that they may live long, healthy lives. While their owners are away on vacation, dogs may be professionally groomed or brought in just for that purpose. Contact Fremantle Small Dog Kennels for Jack Russell Terriers.

We provide joy for your beloved pets

It is our deepest pleasure to serve you and your pets with the utmost care and attention. A group of kind, dedicated, and expert staff will be by your pet’s side throughout their entire stay, and we provide a wide range of services to meet any and all of your pet’s needs.

Canine and Feline Play Space

Our dog would be happier if we could let him or her run, play, and rest whenever he or she wanted, rather than limiting it to certain times of the day. This was the guiding principle for the construction of the facilities, so that every dog has the option to stay in its own secure kennel and play area at all times while still having the opportunity to interact with other dogs via the surrounding fence.

Expert Grooming Team

With over 20 years of expertise between them, our in-house grooming team is second to none. In addition, they are well-versed in the art of show ring grooming and pet cutting. Younger dogs that have never had their coats professionally trimmed or groomed before usually get a hydro-bath, a gentle brushing, and a blow-dry before we depart.

Have faith in us to stand by your pets

We are thrilled to have you drop off your dog in the morning before work and board them with us since many of our grooming customers are working families. I am complete and waiting for your pickup this evening. For Jack Russell Terriers, get in touch with Fremantle’s little dog kennels.

Our trained staff never rushes through their encounters with your pet, preserving our caring, peaceful environment. To make sure your pet feels and looks its best, our vets use both high-quality equipment and natural products.

Veterinary Clinic

We advise that you bring your own food for the dog since changing its diet may often lead to gastrointestinal issues. We compensate with Orijen Original, a high-quality dog food that is available for a little premium. If you’re looking for a pet care facility in the Midwest, look no further than ours. We have more alternatives than anybody else!

Dogs of the same family are welcome to board together if they are able to eat together unattended. Bring your own bedding, toys, and food storage containers, but be sure to identify them with your name.

Day Camp

While under the watchful eye of our trained staff, your pet may run about and play with other dogs at day camp. The playgroups’ sizes and personalities are considered. Our day camp supervisor must assess the temperament of every pet before allowing them to participate in group activities.

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