Eillerton Canningvale Small Dog Kennels

Some puppies use far more energy when kenneled than they do while housed. Therefore, they get breakfast as directed or when deemed appropriate. Additionally, due to the increased energy expenditure, you may need to eat an additional meal. Then it’s time to go for a run and meet some new people! Now we can start the fun process of finding other dogs for your dog to play with. Contact Eillerton Canningvale Small Dog Kennels.

How Your Pet Has Been Acting and Your Admission Preferences

We will do our best to pair your pet with another dog of a suitable size or with a playgroup for younger puppies. Do not worry if we do not have permission or if your dog is not very sociable; it will exercise itself.

We Conduct Business Throughout the Day

Making ensuring every dog is clean is our first priority. There is a enough supply of clean water, and their kennels are well-kept. Since this is the case, our staff will have plenty of chances to play with and exercise your dog throughout the day.

This is more important than a 10-minute walk with a leash

We will never charge you more for spending time with your dogs. We consider it an essential part of our service, along with providing a clean kennel and food. We enjoy spending time with you and your pets. At five o’clock in the afternoon, we feed the dogs their dinner. And before bedtime, they each get their own bed with all of their favorite blankets and treats.

We Care About Your Dog’s Hygiene While They’re Here

As part of your reservation, we will bathe your dog before you leave. If you are planning to remain for a long time, we typically provide complimentary basic washes for your dog every 7 to 10 days, or sooner if you like  Contact Eillerton Canningvale Small Dog Kennels.