Dog Kennels near Apple Cross

Dog Kennels near Apple Cross is committed to providing the best quality care for your pet when you are away. They know every pet is unique, and to accommodate this, they have developed a range of high-quality dog boarding facilities. And activities which can be tailored to your pet’s individual needs. Dog Kennels Apple Cross Boston Terrier

Kennel Facilities

It boasts expansive green grounds with plenty of room to run, play, and relax. Moreover, their highly trained and experienced team ensures you can enjoy your holiday whilst your pet enjoys theirs. Treat your dog to the best dog accommodation in Apple Cross, with a choice between the Luxury and Standard Rooms. State-of-the-art accommodation options ensure the dog guests are relaxed and enjoy their holiday. 

Dog Kennels Apple Cross Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are known for being very intelligent, sometimes too much so. Their lively, affectionate nature makes them highly loveable. However, their sometimes stubborn nature or spurts of hyperactivity can land them in hot water with their owners. However, any angst about their behaviour soon melts when they look up at you with those huge, round eyes.


Boston Terriers Appearance

Although Boston Terriers are small, they’re sturdy and muscular. They have a sleek, shiny, straight coat with crisp white markings in a pattern that resembles a tuxedo. Part of the reason they gained the name American Gentleman. Boston Terriers’ distinctive ears naturally stand erect and are pretty significant. And then there are those big, beautiful eyes that are set quite apart to add to their outstanding good looks. Boston Terriers have broad flat-nosed face without wrinkles. Boston Terriers’ carriage gives them a presence that goes beyond their size. They have a slightly arched, proud neckline, a broad chest, and a sturdy, boxy appearance. Their tail is naturally short and set low on the rump.

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