Dog Kennels City Beach Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Leaving your dog at home is always hard when going away. You’ll always ask yourself two alarming questions: Who would look after them, and will they be safe? At City Beach, there are dog kennels, where a professional team of pet care experts can provide the best care possible at the dog boarding facilities. We know that each animal has their own personality and its own unique tastes and needs. 


Your Dogs Are Cared for

When you leave your dogs in their care, their thorough understanding of doggy needs makes it possible for them to meet your pet’s specific individual requirements. Whatever they might be. The team of professionals has been caring for dogs for years. And are experienced in dog training, rehabilitation, and grooming.

Whether you require a long or short stay or perhaps a day visit using the doggy daycare. They understand the trust and expectations you place on them when leaving your pet in their hands. Who aim to exceed those expectations.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Perth Dog Boarding & KennelsOne of the largest of the toy breeds, they’re often as athletic as a true sporting breed and enjoy hiking. Running on the beach, and dog sports such as agility, flyball, and rally. Some have even shown their prowess as hunting dogs. The more restful members of the breed find success as family friends and therapy dogs. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a beautiful small dog that undoubtedly is a contender for the title of “top tail-wagger.”

Doggy Traits

In fact, among the characteristics that Cavalier breeders strive to attain is a tail in constant motion when this breed is moving. If the characteristic wagging of the Cavalier’s plumy tail doesn’t melt your heart, surely his large, dark round eyes will. Warm and lustrous, with a sweet expression, they hold the power to extract constant petting. And unlimited supplies of food from people under their spell. 

Brush off on a daily basis

When your dog has a moderate to long coat, you’ll want to avoid knots accumulating around his ears, chest, back of the legs, tail, and underbelly. Brush the silky coat with a small spritz of water around the ears and skirts before combing the whole fringe. The dead hair is removed by brushing, and the coat should lay flat and feel soft thereafter.”

Make use of a pin brush or a boar bristle brush. A pin brush is a hardwood brush with wire pins that are widely separated with a ball at one end to prevent the coat from being damaged.

Cavaliers shed like any dogs, but frequent brushing keeps the fur contained to the brush rather than all over the home.

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