Como Small Dog Kennels for Long-backed Dachshund

To guarantee that every dog, from the most reserved to the most outgoing, has an unforgettable experience while staying with us, we tailor our care to their individual needs. We must not forget the joy, cuddles, and pats that your dog needs throughout his stay. Since their stay would not be a home away from home without it, your dog will get as much care as they require. Contact Como Small Dog Kennels for Long-backed Dachshund.


The socialisation of our dogs, which come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, is a key component of boarding. In addition to making sure your dog has fun on play dates, our expert staff will pair him or her with a suitable playmate or group. Many dogs may participate simultaneously when it comes to smaller breeds. When looking for playmates, we prioritise finding those that are about the same size and/or amount of energy.

Every canine receives their very own daily schedule

This lets us monitor their personal hygiene and eating habits with pinpoint accuracy. By checking this numerous times a day, we can tailor your pet’s therapy to meet their individual requirements. Our extensive inventory includes both indoor and outdoor apartments, with options for singles, families, and community living. Everything from beds and bedding to toys, climbing frames, and cubby holes is part of the complete deal.

Trust us with your pets

One of the most sensitive parts of being a dog owner is taking care of a puppy or puppies. First and foremost, you must ensure that the puppies are safe from harm.

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