Choosing a Cattery for Your Cat in Perth

Choosing the best cattery for your cat in Perth is extremely important. Don’t forget about your cat while making travel plans—we know it’s exciting! Your cat must enjoy a wonderful vacation while you’re off seeing the world.

Why employ a cattery for your cat in Perth?

Catteries, especially high-quality ones, might be on the pricey side. Boarding your cat in a cattery will indeed add to your expenses, but your mind will rest easier. Many pet owners, when they go on vacation, leave their cats alone with adequate food for the duration of their absence. Or they ask a neighbour or pet sitter to drop by and make sure their feline friend is doing well, and maybe even feed them. Despite being cost-effective, both choices come with drawbacks.

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Keeping your cat busy during the day will help him sleep better at night. If you don’t free-feed your cat, you may still help her have a restful evening by giving her a hearty supper.

What to Look for when Choosing a Cattery for Your Cat in Perth

Your cat should have access to both an indoor and outdoor area, even if that means a smaller indoor inclosure is split in half.

Extensive Room to Move Around in

Modern Perth catteries include an elevated platform for sleeping and an “exercise” area outdoors. Whether they’re in a gregarious or antisocial mood, cats have plenty of options for setting the mood wherever they choose.

Thoroughly Cleaned!

You can tell whether a cattery is excellent by whether or not the cats are kept warm and clean. Because they often are none of these things, traditional wooden buildings are their only real alternative. Modern catteries in Perth are made of fireproof UPVC plastic and metal mesh that can be easily cleaned.

You ought to go see it, no matter how much it costs

Visits are always a good idea, but you should double-check that the cattery is spotless and that the right supplies are used for cleaning. Remember that the facility must only use cat-specific antibacterial sprays when cleaning. Do you see any clumps of litter in the litter boxes? Do you see stray hairs here and there? Leftovers on the carpet?

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