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Have you been mulling over taking your furry child to the groomers for a day of pampering? Are you not sure what to expect at the cat groomer? Cat grooming is a booming industry. Those who regularly take cats to the groomer’s make a strong case for it. This is because cat groomers offer a lot of much needed care to your feline friends.  Let’s see what they offer your precious pet. 

Should I Take My Cat to a Groomer?

Cats much like dogs do benefit from grooming. Cats can sport up to 130,000 hairs all over their body. And, they can definitely use some help to stay clean, sleek and avoid matted fur. If your fur child has long hair like a Maine Coon or a Persian, regular visits to a groomer can prevent matted fur. Your cat’s groomer can also be your trusty source of healthcare advice on behalf of your pet. Groomers often identify lumps, burn scars and tropical fleas that you might otherwise miss. 

Can the Cat Groomer Give a Cat a Bath?

Cat groomers are experts at slowly introducing cats to water. They hold the cat gently and go slow to introduce the cat to the bath. Instead of just dunking them I the water, groomers let the cat get used to it and enjoy the experience. Once the cat acclimatizes to the water, the groomer gives it a good scrubbing. Some even use flea shampoo, depending on what the particular cat needs. 

Do Cat Groomers Offer Nail Care?

Keeping you fur baby’s nails trimmed is an essential part of pet care. Kitty groomers trim up to the quick that is to say to the pink part of each claw. If you’ve been neglecting your kitty’s claw nails, they tend to grow dangerously sharp and long. You would need to ask the cat groomer for a steady diet of trimming frequently for the nails to be at a manageable length. Your cat’s groomer will probably offer nail care during each visit. You wouldn’t however want to declaw a cat. They need those claws for balance and natural defense. 

Do Cat Groomers Offer Thorough Brushing and Trimming?

Even those short-haired kitties need to get rid of dead hair. And, the best way to do this is to give the fur a good brushing. Cat groomers are experts at fur brushing. They provide thorough brushing to all cats and trim hair on long-haired felines. Some pet owners may be oblivious to whiskers that some cats have on the back of their legs and pads. Experienced groomers will safely navigate these tactile areas when trimming fur. 

Do Cat Groomers Provide Ear Car?

For all their self-grooming habits, cats are not able to care for their ears on their own. This is where a cat groomer’s services come in handy. They will check the inner ears of your cat, and clean it. They will also make a note of anything amiss like bald spots, discharge, and redness, swelling, caked ear wax or bleeding. If your cat’s ears indicate any of these symptoms, the groomer will recommend veterinary care. 

How Often Should You Take a Cat to the Groomers?

How often you should take a cat to the groomers depend on the individual cat’s needs. If you have a long-haired cat, you might want to consider taking it to the groomers once every 4 to 6 weeks. But, if your fur baby has short hair, it would be sufficient to take her to her pampering session once every 8 to 12 weeks. You might however wish to take into consideration the rate at which her claws grow.

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