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Cattery Northern Southern Suburbs Perth WA For all their fastidiousness, and constant grooming, cats can do with a bit of help from professional groomers. Is taking your feline pet to the groomer worth it? And, if so, how often should you do that? And, what exactly happens at the groomer’s? Let’s find out.

Is Taking Cats to the Groomer’s Worth It?

Cats do groom themselves, keeping their skin and coat healthy in the process. But, regular brushing and grooming at a professional groomer will help your fur baby keep that healthy glow. And, regular grooming sessions are going to come in handy as your kitty grows older, and can no longer groom herself effectively. Professional cat groomers will also help you identify any worrying lumps or bumps hidden under all that fur. Cat groomers can help with reducing tangles, hairballs and removing dirt.

When Should You Call a Cat Groomer?

If you have a long haired kitty, matted or tangled fur can become a frequent problem. While brushing and combing your long-haired cat’s fur once a day is helpful, in case of matted fur, you should consult a groomer. They would have the right tools and know the techniques to detangle matted fur. If your cat’s backside gets unkempt after a few visits to the litter box, a cat groomer can offer help. That area can be a bit tricky to untangle at home. Other than these occasions, you could take your cat to the groomer’s once every 4 to 6 weeks for a bit of pampering.

How to Choose a Cat Groomer?

Different groomers and salons offer different benefits to you cat. Hence, before you choose a groomer for your fur baby, find out answers to the questions below:

  •         What is the groomer’s background and experience?
  •         How do they set up appointments and how long is a session?
  •         What are the services included in a session?
  •         Their pricing and how each service would impact the final cost?

Each business model is different. For example a high end cat groomer will offer one-on-one sessions to limit the noise during each appointment. But, another establishment might offer the services you are looking for at a lower price.

What Do Cat Groomers Offer?

Most cat grooming salons offer different packages. You can pick the package that works best for your cat. You could expect a quick brush out, nail trimming and de-shedding for matted hair. Nail care is especially important as you need to keep them short but without affecting the cat’s balance.  Some others offer extended services like a bath and ear care. Cat groomers generally check your cat’s ears for any discharge, redness or swelling. Groomers will also watch out for skin conditions like bald spots or lumps and bumps. If they pick up on something concerning, they will alert you to take the xat to a vegetarian. The important thing is to make sure that the cat feels pampered and cared for without any anxiety involved.

What to Do Before Taking the Cat to the Grooming Salon?

Get your cat’s carrier out of storage a few days ahead of the appointment. You can help your cat to get used to the carrier ahead of the day of the appointment. Place your fur baby’s favourite blanket in the carrier, so that it will smell familiar. Give the cat her favourite treats next to the carrier. If your cat gets upset during car rides, help her get acclimatized a day or two before. Simply, take her for a short ride around the block. And, when you come back, give her treats outside the carrier. This way you can help the cat have a less anxious time at the groomer’s.