Perth boarding kennels for little lap dogs

As one of the leading Boarding Kennels in Perth for Chihuahua, we give you tips on how to comfort your dog during a storm. Does your dog run away in fright if he hears a thunderclap? Is your dog disturbed, terrified, or worried when a bolt of lightning strikes nearby? Even small storms may be enough to throw many dogs into a tailspin of fear and worry.

1. Get Your Dog an Anti-static Jacket to Keep Him Safe

Anti-static coats for dogs are now available to protect dogs from the static electricity that builds during thunderstorms. Wrapping your dog protects him against static electricity, making him less scared of thunderstorms in the long run. As a leading Perth boarding kennel for Chihuahuas, we pay attention to these factors all the time.

2. Look for Signs That Indicate Separation Anxiety

Keep an eye out for symptoms your pet might be suffering from separation anxiety, which a storm might aggravate. If you’re unsure if your pet’s panting, pacing, or restlessness during a storm is suggestive of anything more serious, try filming them. Show the video to your veterinarian at your next appointment so that they may give you some guidance on what to do next.

3. Make the Dog’s Haven Even More Comfortable by Allowing Them to Choose Where They Feel Most at Ease

It’s critical to provide your pet the flexibility to choose where it feels most secure at all times. If they have fled to a place where they feel most comfortable (generally the bathroom or a tiny corner room), assist them by playing some white noise to drown out the thunderclaps or installing some acoustic tiling to provide a degree of soundproofing.

Lastly, the best thing you can do is stay next to them; your presence comforts them to a greater extent.

Before obtaining a dog, you should carefully consider the amount of time you have available each day and your total commitments. If you often put in long hours at work, it’s possible that keeping a dog at home wouldn’t be fair to the animal. In a similar vein, if you want to do a significant amount of traveling or already do so, you should consider whether or not your dog will be able to accompany you and, if not, who will look after them while you are gone.

Having a dog not only requires a significant time commitment on a daily basis, but also a commitment over the long run. Make sure that you are ready to care for your dog for their whole life, which for certain breeds may be more than 15 years. Only then should you consider bringing a dog into your house.

Boarding Kennels in Perth for Chihuahua

When you board your pet, you leave it in the hands of a business that specialises in looking after animals while their owners are away. Some just care for pets throughout the day, while others may board them overnight or for many days. There are a variety of names for establishments that board pets. There are veterinary kennels, boarding kennels, doggie daycares, hotels, and resorts for pets.

No longer do we leave our dogs in kennels or at animal boarding facilities. These days, pet parents may choose from a wide range of services, including five-star pet hotels, home boarding facilities, and pet sitters.