Best Dog Kennels in Perth

It is often necessary to take a leap of faith to feel comfortable leaving your dog at a boarding kennel in Perth and trusting that he will be cared for appropriately. There is never a way to know for certain that your dog will have a good time during his stay at the boarding kennel or that the environment will be appropriate for your small dog. However, there are things you can do to reduce the likelihood of making a decision that will cause your dog to be unhappy during his stay. 

The Best Dog Kennels for Small Dogs in Perth

Dog kennels in Perth that are suitable for small dogs must satisfy many essential requirements, including providing high-quality food and employing trained personnel. However, we have streamlined the process for your convenience. We have compiled a list of the top kennels in Perth after giving careful consideration to all of the important aspects of boarding dogs, so you do not need to be concerned about the so-called critical factors of kennels in that city. So, without further ado, here is the list, in no particular order:

K9 Playtime

Take your dog to K9 Playtime if you see that they are becoming restless and destructive when left alone at home. They will not only get lots of physical play to wear them out, but also plenty of cerebral stimulation, which will train their minds and keep them engaged. In addition, your canine companion will be the talk of the neighborhood after receiving a new cut from the experienced groomers who are located on-site.

Address: Unit 4, 130 Cutler Road, Jandakot 


Paws and Play

Paws and Play provides a specialized service and is a huge favorite among those who own small dogs. It is also ideally positioned on the outside of the city for people who work in the CBD. You may leave your small dog here and go to work with the peace of mind that they will be kept occupied and will return pleased.

Address: 5/33 Royal Street, East Perth


PawPals Daycare & Parlour

PawPals is all about providing a fascinating and secure environment for your canine companion, and it got its start because founder Laura had a hard time leaving her dog at home when she started working in the business world. Dogs of any size or breed are welcome at the centers. With over 220 square meters of indoor and outdoor play space, dogs are free to play and wander throughout the day while being closely supervised by the female PawPals employees.


K9to5 Littles

If your dog weighs less than 15 kilograms, you may bring them to K9to5 Littles, where they will play with other canines their size. Sandpits, paddle pools, bubbles, balls, tunnels, and rope toys will keep your little dog occupied all day long at the daycare and groomers, which have 500 square meters of indoor and outdoor play facilities.

Address: Unit 6, 386 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park


Canine Cuddles

Canine Cuddles understands how difficult it is to leave your dog alone for the day, so they take care of your canine companion. Your fur baby will have lots of opportunities to meet new canine companions in an environment that is both secure and safe thanks to the emphasis placed on socialization. You will be able to unwind knowing that your canine companion is in the company of other sociable dogs since many play areas are specifically designed to accommodate dogs of all sizes and breeds. In addition, all new enrollments are subjected to a temperament test.


Central Bark

Your dog will have enough to do at Central Bark, which has a massive indoor play area that is 300 square meters in size, as well as an outdoor play area that is also 300 square meters in size and features lots of hidey-holes, sprinklers, and paddling pools for them to enjoy. They will not only be kept engaged, but they will also look absolutely perfect as a result of the grooming services that are offered.

Address: Unit 8, 54 Buckingham Drive, Wangara


Pet Friends

You will need to make arrangements for your four-legged companion’s care if you are going to be absent for more than a single day of work. Since they believe that no pet is too strange or exotic, Pet Friends offers pet-sitting services for almost any animal. Of course, this also applies to dogs, who may be boarded, walked, or even cared for, and then you’re gone.

Address: 26 Woodhall Street, Stirling


Wookie Dogs

Wookie Dogs is the best spot to take your dog if he or she needs a lot of space to run about in. Your four-legged friend may spend the whole day roaming the six acres of Henley Brook property, exploring puddles, trees, and expansive open grassy areas. In addition to all of these exciting activities in the great outdoors, they also provide a free hot shower at the end of the day. You won’t be able to make it to the designated drop-off location, will you? Wookie Dogs will even pick up and deliver your canine companion for a little fee, so there’s no need to worry about that aspect of their service.

Address: 134 Swan Street, Henley Brook


Inquire About Licenses and Certificates if You Can

If the boarding kennels in Perth are certified and licensed to care for pets, that is the first thing you should check. The licensing and inspection processes for dog boarding facilities may vary depending on the region of the country in which you reside. When you go to a kennel, you should always be sure to ask to see the licenses, and you should leave if they attempt to put you off or are unable to offer official papers.

Verify that the staff members also have the necessary expertise and training. It is not always achievable because the level of expertise and training might vary greatly from one kennel to another, since many kennels use temporary workers during vacation seasons. Still, at least one supervisory staff member has to be trained in animal care.