5 Basic Dog Commands to Teach Your Puppy

5 Basic Dog Commands to Teach Your Puppy

Bringing a puppy home is a thrilling journey, but it also has its own set of obstacles. Teaching basic instructions is an essential part of raising a happy and well-behaved dog. Not only do these orders keep your dog safe, but they also build your bond with him. Let’s look at the top five basic dog commands every puppy should know:

5 Basic Dog Commands to Teach Your Puppy   Teach Your Puppy

1. Sit: 

Teaching your puppy to sit is one of the first commands you should tackle. Start by holding a treat close to your puppy’s nose and slowly move your hand up. As your puppy follows the treat with their nose, their bottom will naturally lower to the ground. 


Once they’re in the sitting position, say “sit” and give them the treat. Repeat this process several times until your puppy understands the command without the treat lure.

2. Stay: 

The “stay” command is crucial for keeping your puppy safe in potentially dangerous situations. Begin by asking your puppy to sit. Once they are sitting, hold your palm out towards them and say “stay” in a firm but gentle tone. 


Take a small step back and wait a few seconds. If your puppy remains in place, praise them and give them a treat. Gradually increase the distance and duration of the stay as your puppy becomes more proficient.

3. Come: 

Teaching your puppy to come when called is necessary for their safety, especially when they’re off-leash. Start in a quiet area with minimal distractions. Get down to your puppy’s level, show them a treat, and say “come” while gently patting your legs. 


When your puppy comes to you, reward them with a treat and plenty of praise. Repeat this process frequently, gradually increasing the distance between you and your puppy.

4. Down: 

The “down” command teaches your puppy to lie down on command, which is useful for calming them in exciting situations and preventing unwanted behavior. Begin with your puppy in a sitting position. Hold a treat in front of their nose and slowly lower it to the ground while saying “down.” As your puppy follows the treat, their body should naturally lower to the ground. Once they are lying down, praise them and give them the treat. Practice this command regularly to reinforce the behavior.


5. Leave it: 

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, but there are times when they need to resist the temptation to investigate something. The “leave it” command teaches your puppy to ignore objects, food, or other distractions. Start by placing a treat in one hand and closing it into a fist. Show your closed fist to your puppy and say “leave it” in a firm tone. 


If your puppy tries to sniff or paw at your hand, close it tighter and wait for them to lose interest. When they eventually do, praise them and give them a different treat from your other hand. With consistent practice, your puppy will learn to ignore temptations when commanded to “leave it.”


Remember, patience and consistency are key when teaching your puppy commands. Keep training sessions short and positive, and always end on a high note. With time and practice, your puppy will become a well-mannered companion who responds to your every command with enthusiasm.