10 Important Things to Note When Selecting a Dog Kennel in Perth


Taking a tour of the kennel facilities is without a doubt one of the most significant things you can do to assist you make your choice. Look for facilities that are clean, have good hygiene, and have enough of light and room. In an ideal world, the kennels would also have access to grass, which would allow your dog to take pleasure in spending time outside while being walked.


Because not all kennels are the same size, it is essential to carefully examine what will provide the most comfortable environment for your pet. A big kennel facility, for instance, may mean that your dog will get to go on longer walks and will have more things to look at, but it may also mean that the staff will have less time to devote to each individual dog. Consider the requirements of your pet as well as the things that will make them feel the most at ease.


Some dogs need a significant amount of physical activity in order to feel content and calm; hence, if they are confined to their kennels for the most of the day, they are more likely to develop feelings of unease or discontent. Ask the kennels about their exercise routines and where they take the dogs, such as on concrete, grass, or other surfaces, if you are aware that your pet will like going on regular walks. The best Dog kennel in Perth.


Meeting the employees at the kennels where your pet will be staying will provide you with the peace of mind that your dog will have a positive experience while he is there. Check to see whether the personnel has previous experience, and find out how frequently someone will be available to care for your dog. Our staff members reside on the premises, which enables them to offer round-the-clock care for the animals in our care. This ensures the highest level of safety and comfort for the pets in our care.

Further Services Available

During their stay, a good kennel should provide your pet with a variety of add-ons and services that are optional. For instance, we provide a professional dog grooming service at reasonable pricing, so that your pet may continue to have a nice appearance even after you’ve left.

The Luxuries of Home

You are the only one who knows your pet better than anyone else, which means that you will know what food they are most likely to consume, as well as what their favorite toys, bed, and other items are that will keep them quiet while you are gone. It is important to ensure that the kennels you pick will let you bring familiar items from home for your pet, since the policies on this matter may vary from facility to facility. Dog kennel in Perth.

Choosing a Dog Boarding Kennel

Each kennel is responsible for providing dogs with an appropriate environment, as well as for ensuring that they monitor the behavior of your dog and maintain a record of his or her time at the kennel. When utilizing any kind of boarding service for your dog, you need to be sure that certain elements, like the ones listed above, are in place.

Choosing Dog Home Boarding

Home boarding firms who have their licenses in good standing are required to offer an appropriate environment, observe how your dog behaves, and maintain detailed records.

Your Dog Must Be

They are housed inside the household and each have their own room so that, if necessary, they may be kept isolated from the family’s other pets. Conservatories, garages, basements, outside buildings or sheds, balconies, and other exterior constructions are not included in the definition of rooms. at least once daily and in a manner that was suitable for their age and current state of health. Dog kennel in Perth.

Home boarders who aspire to even higher standards will give your dog with two walks every day, each lasting a minimum of 20 minutes. This service is comparable to that offered by boarding kennels.

Choosing a Daycare for Your Dog

It is now necessary of all dog daycare enterprises, including individuals who run their operations as part of a franchise, to monitor the behavior of the dogs, as well as the humans who care for them and the environment in which they are housed. Your dog, while in their care and for the daycare to be completely licensed, must meet all of the following requirements.

Before they are allowed to go to the daycare provider, they must first be evaluated to ensure that they will not get frightened, apprehensive, or agitated while they are among other dogs and humans. having access to a restroom where they may use the facilities whenever they feel the need to do so;

must have access to a secure area where they may hide from humans and other canines if they so wish, if they so choose. Daycare providers that strive to give an even greater level of care will also keep a record of the interactions that your dog has with humans throughout the day. Dog kennel in Perth.

As usual, if you have the impression that these requirements are not being followed, we strongly suggest that you leave the kennel immediately (taking your dog with you), and then register a complaint with the local council that oversees the operation of the kennel.

Should the Dogs Be Categorized According to Their Size?

It’s not only a matter of size, though, since young pups and little dogs are about the same size, yet none of them are suitable players. Consequently, I would also consider the dogs’ levels of activity and the games they like to play. Consider the dogs’ sizes in addition to their individual personalities. For instance, Jack Russell terriers and small poodles do not get along very well, despite the fact that they are around the same size.

My Dog Will Not Be Admitted to the Doggy Daycare Unless It Passes a Temperament Test, Why Is That? Is There a Choice Here?

It is for the protection of both the humans and the dogs in the area. It is useful in determining whether or not the daycare is suitable for both you and the dog. To reiterate, not all canines are welcome at daycares and playgrounds. In addition to this, it may be used to match the personality of your dog with that of suitable playmates, ensuring that your dog is put in the proper playgroup. Dog kennel in Perth.

What Kinds of Qualifications Are Necessary for Employees to Work at a Doggy Daycare?

At the very least, they need to have some kind of education on body language, signals of stress, and fundamental animal care. But in order to achieve your goals, you need first establish a solid behavioral foundation of how dogs communicate and the nuances involved in canine communication. A dog almost never accomplishes anything that might be considered incidental or unintentional. 

Even in the most obvious of their acts, we can’t understand what our dogs are trying to convey to us. The behavior or communication of dogs is quite complicated on its own, but when you add the dynamics of a group into the mix, the situation becomes much more complicated. Naturally, it will take some time to understand all of this, but employees should be familiar with at least the fundamentals. 

The more knowledgeable they are, the more opportunities they will notice. Simply by observing how dogs communicate with one another, humans may pick up a wealth of information. I often recommend that people who work in daycare take their dogs to a dog park and observe the other people there instead. Dog kennel in Perth.

How Many Hours Should My Dog Spend at the Doggy Daycare Each Day? Is All Day Too Long? How Often Should He Visit?

It really depends on the canine. There are certain facilities that need an initial commitment of a certain number of visits from a dog before it can join the pack. If you are at a reputable facility, you will be informed if your dog needs a break.

Younger and more energetic dogs have a greater need for it, since they are more likely to cause problems around the house if they do not receive it. Dogs who are becoming older and less active may only need it on occasion. Follow your dog’s lead as an example.

What Are Some Ways That I Can Determine Whether My Dog Is Having Fun at the Doggy Daycare?

It is expected that he would return home exhausted, but pleased and comfortable, not disturbed. There is a distinction to be made between returning home exhausted after a day filled with joy and returning home exhausted from a day filled with anxiety. Therefore, it is dependent on the behavior of the dog. Dog kennel in Perth.

If he seems content, his tail is wagging, and he is ready to enter the room first thing in the morning, it’s likely that he is enjoying himself there. When you get there, though, if he slams on the brakes and seems as if he doesn’t want to walk through the door, that’s a warning flag. Either he is going too often or he is taking his dog to the incorrect doggy daycare.

Take a Look Around the Boarding Area

Spending some time at the boarding establishment is an excellent method to discover whether or not the facility and the services it provides can meet the requirements of your pets and, more significantly, whether or not your dog will be happy there. When you go to visit, take careful attention to the surroundings, namely the open areas, shelters, feeding rooms, fencing, security, and general vibe of the place, as well as how clean it is.

Take everything you see into consideration so that you can make an educated choice, and if you find that certain things are not functioning properly, you shouldn’t utilize the facility… It can be summed up like this.

Access to Medical and Veterinary Care

While you are there, you should enquire about the veterinary services that the institution offers. Is there a veterinarian that can be reached on call? Dog boarding facilities that are run by professionals will have a great connection and working relationship with local vets, whom they can get in touch with in the event of an emergency or disease. Dog kennel in Perth.

It is important to make sure that the dog boarding facility has all of the necessary emergency contact information before you leave so that you can have peace of mind while you are enjoying the sandy beaches.

Prerequisites Regarding Health and Safety

No of the kind of animal, it is never a good idea to mix ill and healthy individuals together since doing so might spread disease. Always be sure to inquire about the facility’s health services and how their staff takes care of ill animals. 

It is important to let the dog boarding provider know if your pet requires specific care, such as medication, and to confirm that they are willing and able to meet these requirements. It is strongly suggested that vaccines and treatments for your pet be carried out by an experienced and qualified veterinarian at all times.

Boarding Services for Dogs Assistance to Customers

A trustworthy dog boarding facility will have staff members who are knowledgeable, experienced, and well-trained, and who understand the requirements of both the owners and their dogs. Verify that their contact information is readily available on their website and that they have a presence on the various social media platforms. Dog kennel in Perth.

To determine how responsive they are, send them a message on Facebook or Twitter and observe how quickly and willingly they respond. Companies that place a high priority on providing excellent customer service will respond to you in a prompt and cordial manner via any communication channel you choose.

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